Bapedi Civil and Structural Consultants cc practising in Civil engineering and Project Management since 2004. We strive to assist clients with innovative solutions and therefore give conscious attention to research and development. BCSC is an equal opportunity company and work with emerging consultants and contractors. Majority of projects will be focused on community involvement and development. We plan to build and maintain a relationship of trust and understanding with our clients through regular two-way communication and consistent reliable and sufficient service. The company comprises of members who have worked under big consulting companies, construction companies and the public sector on major projects for many years and do not compromise on quality by personally getting involved in the projects.

Our vision

To become a major local consulting company providing innovative and cost effective engineering solutions which add value to our clients’ business?

Our Mission

Our mission is to provide clients across South Africa with Civil and Structural engineering solutions from concept planning through to commissioning, by making the best use of our highly skilled and experienced professional team working together using leading edge techniques

Our Objectives

  • Deliver projects that are both economically feasible and technically viable
  • Deliver projects that are recognised for their quality
  • Employ basic and advanced design solutions in addressing client needs
  • Be socially relevant to the community



Bapedi Civil and Structural Consultants cc is a 100% black owned company which is fully managed by its members.

The very nature of our work has a social impact; therefore it is intention of the firm to take cognisance of the fact that corporate entities are viewed by communities as prime movers in determining economic, social and environmental well being. In accomplishing this, BCSC will develop its corporate responsibility policy to ensure that community within which the firm operates derive benefits from the activities of the firm. The policies will have to be reviewed regularly to ensure that our policies are in line with current legislation and best practice. The following will be the key focus areas:

  • Sponsorship of underprivileged and deserving school going children
  • Involvement in community awareness campaigns
  • General social interaction with communities to explain the objectives of the firm in its various projects relating to the specific areas
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